Quarantine with Priscilla

Quarantine with Priscilla

We are all stuck at home right now and everything non-essential is closed. What in the world are we supposed to do? We are all nervous and a little scared...Here's how i'm coping...

1) sleep with No alarm clock 

2) Make my BED (: take a shower

3) put my make up on and get dressed

 See my 4.5 minute make up video - it's so easy & natural looking




4) Call a friend - shoot the breeze

5) I try to stay away from comfort eating. Over eating is something that I do so i try every day to steer clear from this

6) Sit, Pray, & Breathe.

  I Pray for the sick, the people who are caring for the sick, the people who are scared. I basically try to pray for everyone (:

7) Organize my room and work space little by little.

8) Do the little things that I was suppose to do but never made time for. Like cleaning my white board & writing my goals, brush my pets teeth, use the fancy face masks i bought and never used.

9) Work, emails, pack orders.

Ultimately...I'm just trying to make the best out of this strange and unfortunate experience...just like every human in this world


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