Valentines Day Gift Guide!

Valentines Day 

Valentines day is just around the
corner & we have something for everyone!


1) For your Little Valentine Girl

We have A ton of gifts under $50 & necklaces lines that are made for you and your little girl to match. 

-Script Necklaces can come in Children sizes - just let us know your Childs size!


children's necklaces

2) For your Handsome guy

We have these sleek handmade St. Benedict cuff links

3) For your Lady

-Sacred Heart Necklace Layered with the Chunky Chain Necklace

4) For your Bestie

Get you and your best friend matching necklaces for under $50

5) For YOU!

Treat yourself to a gorgeous 14K Gold Piece. Don't wait for someone to get it for you, Treat yourself.

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