About Us

The Little Catholic empowers women through hand-crafted, meaningful pieces that cultivate deeper faith and evangelization through beauty.

We believe that Catholic jewelry organically inspires faith, peace, and perspective in a unique way every time we look in the mirror or glance down. We know that beauty is God’s way of speaking to us here on earth. Catholic jewelry allows us to treasure those moments and reminders more closely to our hearts.
At The Little Catholic, we believe in creating uniquely beautiful jewelry and rosaries that are ethically and lovingly made by hand. All of our pieces are individually made by artisans in Los Angeles, California.
Our impact extends beyond jewelry and empowering women. We also empower and partner with non-profits around the globe, designing beautiful pieces unique to their cause and donating a portion of all proceeds back to their mission. Giving back is one of our fundamental values.
We hope you love your new pieces and we would love to see photos of how you wear your The Little Catholic pieces in your daily lives! To see and learn more about who we are and the pieces we make, follow us on Instagram @TheLittleCatholic_ . Feel free to tag us in your The Little Catholic jewelry photos for a chance to be featured.
All of our medals are handmade and one-of-a-kind so expect variation in color, shape, & texture. If you’d like to learn more about specific batches of medals please email hi@thelittlecatholic.com and ask for a photo of the most recent batch.
Founder’s Story
Priscilla, started The Little Catholic soon after converting to Catholicism. She was brought to the Catholic faith through beauty. Priscilla was mesmerized by the prayers of the rosary, which soon led her deeper into the splendor, tradition, and beauty of the Catholic Church. This culminated in discovering the truth of the Eucharist, Christ’s Body and Blood.
Upon becoming Catholic, Priscilla wanted daily reminders of her faith in the form of jewelry. Not finding Catholic jewelry out there that she was drawn to, she decided to create her own. The Little Catholic jewelry company was born from her personal desire to connect deeper with her newfound faith in a tangible and meaningful way. This inspired the dainty, beautiful pieces you see in our shop today. Every piece is created to evoke inspiration and peace throughout your day.
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