11 tips to help you get through a Broken Heart

1) Acceptance

First acknowledge & accept the facts of the situation

2) Affirm yourself

know that you are still loved by God & the fact that this person broke your heart doesn't in any way make you any less valuable.

3) Prayer

Invite God to come and sit with you. Of course he is always with you but it's helpful to imagine him sitting there with you and loving on you. He is always there. He will never break your heart or disappoint you.

4) Keep the Same schedule

The breakup is enough of a traumatic event so keeping your schedule the same is a way to help keep things steady. 

5) Don't feel sorry for yourself

it doesn't help you or anyone around you

6) Therapy if possible

Therapy is available Via FaceTime now on your cell. It's helpful to have a professional help you sort through the confusion and heartache.

7) Be Thankful

Look for the good in everything. Look for the lessons you learned during the relationship

8) Surrender

surrender all of your heartache and place it at the foot of the cross. 

9) When sadness creeps up

Warning it will happen often. Acknowledge it. Face it. Then accept the truth about it and say, "I am strong, I am valuable, & I am still loved by Christ."

10) Schedule meet up's with close friends

It's important to surround yourself with people who love and support you.

11) Will Their Good

To love is to will the Good of the other for the other. If you truly love that person you will wish them well even if they chose not to be with you. They have free will just like you. Free will is beautiful and is necessary with Love.

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