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Holy Heart™ Sacred Heart Ring in Gold Vermeil

*This is a Made to Order Item*

Holy Heart™ Jewelry

Sacred Heart  Ring

The Sacred Heart is the Most Iconic Heart in the history of all mankind. The Sacred Heart Of Jesus image is a resting place for all Catholics. Even non Catholics love the Sacred Heart. This is why the Sacred Heart™ Ring is so important to our Faith. Wearing your sacred Heart Jewelry is a constant reminder of Gods Unfailing, unlimited Love for You. It is said that the Sacred Heart is a Visual of God's Love for Humanity. Here at The Little Catholic we have a special Devotion to the Sacred Heart..So it's no wonder that we have the largest Selection of Sacred Heart™ Jewelry. In Tough Times we Pray, "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Trust in you" also known as Divine Mercy or the Litany of Trust. Your Sacred Heart™ Jewelry pieces are like little Icons to remind you and everyone who see's it just how Beloved they are. This Sacred Heart™ Ring is absolutely beautiful.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Size:

Sacred Heart on Ring is 14.09MM X 11.22MM

Ring Material: 

Gold Vermeil 

Ring Sizing:  Based off of the American Ring Size Chart

 What's Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil is the less expensive version of 14K Gold. Vermeil has a 925 Sterling Silver base. Gold Vermeil is 2.5 microns thick and will eventually ware off. Gold Vermeil is not meant to be worn when wearing any type of lotion, chemicals, essential oils, perfumes. Gold vermeil cannot be worn during workouts, swimming, any sweat inducing activities. There are no returns or exchanges on gold vermeil items. To prolong the life of your piece take it off prior to washing hands, showering, & before bed. Store your vermeil in a cool and dry place. Clean your Vermeil pieces gently with a dry cotton ball. If you are not okay with the Gold Vermeil waring off and exposing the 925 Sterling Silver Base metal, then do not purchase this item. The speed at which a Vermeil item fades depends on your body chemistry, how its taken care of, climate, as well as the frequency it is worn.

Whats your Ring Size?
Our handmade rings are based off of the American Ring size chart. Visit your Local Jeweler to find out your most current ring size. If you do not see your size, email Orders@TheLittleCatholic.com to request to custom order your ring & we will make it if we can! Custom Order items are Made to Order. The Little Catholic isn't responsible if you order the incorrect ring size.

*If your Ring Size is Marked with "Made to Order":

This means that your ring size is Made to order. Made to Order items have a 4-6 week production time, this doesn't include shipping. Made to Order items cannot be cancelled, exchanged, or returned. If Your ring size isn't marked with "Made to Order" then it's in stock.

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