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Ocean of Mercy® Ring in Vermeil

Ring Size:


Material: Gold Vermeil

Base Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Inscription: "Jesus, I trust in you"

Ethically Handmade in Southern California

Ring Sizes: Based on the American Ring Size Chart

Sacred Heart image and Inscription inside of the ring are opposite to each other. Meaning when the image is up the inscription is flipped. This is intentional and a part of the design. Due to the handmade nature of each ring expect unique markings, polish motions and creases on each piece. If you have any questions regarding variations please email orders@TheLittleCatholic.com prior to purchase. Thank you!

*If your ring size is marked with “*Made to Order*” this means that it’s Made to order. Made to order can take up to 4-6 weeks to produce not including shipping time ♥️.


This is a Gold Vermeil Ring

What's Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil, or "silver gilt," refers to high-quality (pure or sterling) silver plated with a thin layer of Gold. Most vermeil jewelry available now is created by electroplating the silver with Gold, a chemical process that uses an electrical current to bind the two metals together.

Gold Vermeil will wear off because it is plated. The Speed at which a piece fades depends on your body chemistry, climate, and the frequency it is worn.

How to Keep Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry Looking Beautiful:

1. Avoid water: Stay away from swimming pools, the ocean, taking a bath, or showering with your jewelry. Chemicals, in particular, can strip the gold from your jewelry.

2. Avoid wearing during certain activities: Do not wear your jewelry when exercising, sleeping, or cleaning. Perspiration and chemicals from cleaning can contribute to tarnishing.

3. Avoid contact with perfume or moisturizer: Do not spray perfume or moisturizer directly on your jewelry. Make sure to put your jewelry on five minutes after applying these products to prevent chemical contact.

4. Store properly: Store your jewelry in its box,  to avoid any excess moisture from the air, which can cause tarnishing. If storing for an extended period without wearing, it is recommended to use a ziplock bag with no air.

5. Dry properly: If your jewelry gets wet with anything other than warm water, rinse it off with warm water first before patting it dry. Make sure the jewelry is fully dry before storing.

How to Clean Tarnished or Dirty Gold Vermeil:

1. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth: Gently clean your gold vermeil jewelry on a regular basis using a soft cloth, such as a sunglasses cloth. This will remove oils and dirt, helping to prevent tarnishing buildup and preserve the plating.

2. Use a polishing cloth for light tarnish: If your gold vermeil jewelry is lightly tarnished, you can brighten it up with a polishing cloth.

3. Avoid chemical jewelry dips: Do not use chemical jewelry dips on gold vermeil, as they can remove the gold plating.

4. Clean with warm soapy water: If your gold vermeil jewelry gets dirty, you can clean it gently with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive pads and make sure to pat it completely dry.

Made to Order items have a 4-6 week production time. This doesn't include shipping. Made to Order items cannot be canceled, exchanged, or returned. If your necklace's Length/Style isn't marked with "Made to Order," it's in stock.
Is this Ring Available in Other Material:

Also Available in 925 Sterling Silver & 14K Gold.


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Eleanor Lontoc (Chicago, US)

I am disappointed with how small the ring is. I expected it to be wider because I can't hardly see the Sacred heart design