The Little Catholic's Patron Saint


The Little Catholic's Patron Saint is Mother Teresa. When I first started thinking of what to name my new project I wanted it to be reflective of the person I loved. At the time & till this very day Mother Teresa was/is my best heavenly friend. She lived her entire life helping others. She never made herself big or important. Mother Teresa always kept her head in the concerns of Humanity. She accomplished so many great little things. She was tough, and she willed what God willed. Before I chose the name I came upon a book named "I Loved Jesus In The Night" by Paul Murray. The way he wrote about Mother Teresa made me love her more than ever. That's when I knew I had to name it after her. When I think of Mother Teresa I think of "Little Catholic". I often wonder if the people on the street in Calcutta used to call her "The Little Catholic". Just a thought (: I love Mother Teresa so much & I aim to be more like her. I am so so far from it but she is the one I think of when my temper flies, my heart aches, see a person in need, and see my little nieces and nephews smile. She points me towards heaven.
Here is a photo of me meeting Paul Murray in 2019 

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