Trusting in His will

Trusting in his will

In the Gospel today, a verse stood out to me. It said, "At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd," Matthew 9:36.This verse from today's Gospel can have a lot of meaning amidst the current state of society. Christians, especially in this day and age, are the minority view. We base our views on Jesus Christ and His word. However, doing that is easier said than done.

Being a Christian is hard and following Jesus is not an easy task. We can feel troubled and abandoned, just as Jesus saw His people in the Gospel of Matthew. Some Christians can feel this way because the Christian view is not accepted as the "normal" view in today's society. It requires a lot of strength, courage, and determination to continue to follow Him. Following Jesus requires putting our identity in Christ. When we put our identity in worldly matters, we are never truly fulfilled. Putting your identity in Christ is so important; we not only find strength in Jesus when we do this, but we also find strength in each other. Having companions and a strong fellowship with others is so important. We must lean on each other for strength and companionship. When we follow Him, we are brought to true happiness in our temporary home, earth, and in our true home, Heaven.
Putting your identity in Christ, trusting in His will and knowing His plan and word are the right path, is what we must always remember today and everyday. Jesus is our strength and refuge and it is through Him that we are made perfect.
This Little Sprinkle of Inspiration 
was written by Ruth L

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