How to clean your polished brass medallions in 2 steps


Polishing Your Brass medallions

If you have one of our script necklaces or the original holy family hearts necklace (not the 14k Gold one) then you have a polished brass piece. As stated in the listing the Chain is Gold Filled & The medal is Solid Polished brass. This means that the medallion & chain are two different materials, meaning they will ware differently. The difference in waring is totally normal since they are two different materials. Below is a quick & easy way to Clean/polish your beautiful handmade polished brass medallions back to their Gold color (not the chain or jump rings). It took me less than a minute to polish each piece. Its normal for the piece to get dark or dirty with the natural oils of your skin and the natural shedding of your skin. Just clean it <3


all you need:

1) soft non-abrasive Cotton Cloth or soft sponge

2) Brasso Metal Polish Cleaner $2.98 on Amazon

3) A clean space. I set down a towel over my table. 


Step 1:

squeeze the bottle of Brasso so the product puffs out at the top  

Step 2:

then lightly dab it onto the medallion. With your buff and polish cloth gently rub the product over and into the medallion. Repeat till polished new.

Before & After:

Holy Family Hearts

Notice "Worthy"

I polished half of the medallion to show the difference.



Hope you enjoyed this!



****Let Product dry for 12-24 hours before you put the necklace on. Keep product AWAY from your eyes and mouth. Wash your hands thoroughly after polishing your brass medallion. The Little Catholic is not responsible if you get the product in your eyes, if you get it on your table, or if you accidentally use your favorite cotton shirt to clean your brass piece (Haha).****


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